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Do you know what the Cluster has accomplished this year?

From the Point Loma Cluster:

Did you know?
Point Loma Cluster is the ONLY cluster in the district holding Cluster -Wide Professional
Development days for all 143 Elementary and Middle school teachers in our Cluster. The middle school teachers are also meeting with the PLHS teachers too. These professional development days have been coordinated and facilitated by our school principals and administrator, as well as Doug Fisher, professor at SDSU and author of several highly regarded books regarding Literacy and the Common Core State Standards. That means that teachers at all nine schools are collaborating TOGETHER, learning from each other and aligning the academics K-12! If you ask ANY teacher in the Point Loma Cluster, they will boast about how effective the collaboration within the cluster has been.

The Point Loma Cluster with the support of SDUSD staff and administration held four Parent Ed nights this past year. Three focused on Common Core and one on Internet Safety.

The Point Loma Cluster under the direction of Christy Scadden has formed a Special Education Learning Community support group for parents of any student with an IEP. For more information, contact Christy Scadden at

The SDUSD administration with encouragement from the Point Loma Cluster hired a "Shared" Vice Principal between Correia and Dana. What an opportunity to further strengthen the bond between our 5-6 and 7-8 schools!

Great things are happening in our Cluster. We have stakeholders on board from Administrators, teachers, school staff, parents, students and district level administration working together to make this the best ALL AROUND CLUSTER IN THE SAN DIEGO DISTRICT!

About Our Cluster
The Point Loma Cluster Schools Foundation was formed in 2007 to enable our 9 cluster schools to become the model of educational excellence through innovative practices and collaborative efforts; inspiring passionate life-long learners, critical thinkers, unbounded achievers, and responsible global citizens.

Cabrillo, Correia, Dana, Dewey, Loma Portal, Ocean Beach, Point Loma High, Silver Gate, and Sunset View actively participate in our community foundation, and the school district utilizes our meetings to obtain community feedback. Our foundation has been working to improve online communication tools, school collaboration opportunities, traffic safety around our schools, academic and behavioral expectations on campus, and much more.

It costs ~ $3,000 annually to run our 501(c)(3) foundation: insurance ($2,000), constant contact e-blasts ($900), P.O. box ($128), etc. Several initial seed contributions, along with annual support from our parent associations, funded this cost in the past. Our plan is to hold fundraising programs to not only operate the foundation, but also to obtain grants to support programs in our schools.

We need your help now. These operating costs are due in the beginning of our fiscal year (this summer). Your tax deductible contribution will help seed the
foundation's growth. If 120 families contribute $25, our operating costs
for this coming year will be covered. If you could contribute more, fantastic! If you feel more comfortable contributing $5 or $10; that would also be appreciated! We are also looking for advertising sponsors for our e-blasts.
By working together, we can make a difference in our children's educational experiences.

Donating is easy, just click on the link:

Thank you very much, in advance, for your financial support.