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PL Cluster Meeting 4/4/16

At Monday's PL Cluster meeting: Information about Languages Other Than English (LOTE) and a presentation on Equity in our schools. Read on to find out more.

Superintendent's Message on Cyber Bullying & Threats

In light of the threats made to schools via social media in the recent weeks, the superintendent has a message for all district stakeholders.
Recently, school districts throughout San Diego County, including San Diego Unified, have been addressing a troublesome social media phone app that many students are downloading and using called Burnbook. This app allows “anonymous” posts associated with high schools and universities throughout the county. Unfortunately, the purpose of this app is to post negative information, to post critiques of fellow students and mean things about people...

Continued Partnership between the Navy and our schools

"The Navy Child and Youth Programs has partnered with LRP Publications to bring families and staff members of military students access to Special Ed Connection in an effort to provide resources to parents of students with disabilities. Special Ed Connection is a web-based resource for parents as their child enters, progresses through and exits the world of special education requirements -- so parents have a clear understanding of what special education is and how it works.

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The Decoder: Restorative Practice

Restorative Practice can sound a bit frightening. Google it and you end up with some “interesting” sites on restorative justice. Delve in and it’s good. The approach has its roots in many ancient cultures including Celtic and Hebrew. Often we forget that our Middle/High School students are still developing and need a framework and discussions just like toddlers do albeit on a higher level.

Common Core Math

If you didn't have a chance to come to one of our Parent Ed nights on Common Core Math, please take the time to read through the Power Point, presented by Mindy Shacklett, Mathmatics Coordinator at San Diego Office of Education

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PLCSF Executive Board Meeting
Date: 5/30/2016, 4 PM 5 PM
Location: Dana Middle 1775 Chatsworth Blvd. San Diego, CA 92107
PL Cluster Board Meeting
Date: 6/6/2016, 4:30 PM 6 PM
Location: Correia Middle School Library 4302 Valeta St. San Diego, CA 92107

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