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The Point Loma Cluster Schools Foundation, through innovative practices and collaborative efforts will be the model of educational excellence; inspiring passionate life-long learners, critical thinkers, unbounded achievers and responsible global citizens.
The mission of the Point Loma Cluster to inspire in each student a joy of lifelong learning and inquiry about one’s individuality, community, and the world. Our commitment is to sustain and support the best practices in education that empower each child with knowledge, skills and values necessary to become confident, self-sufficient adults and global citizens. The result is the highest quality option for all.
With the purpose of developing vertically aligned programs UTK-12 throughout the Point Loma Cluster, the PLCSF has identified the following priorities:
  • Identify common goals UTK through 12 to strengthen vertical alignment and articulation;
  • Generate a unified voice when working with the district and advocating for PL students;
  • Provide a collaborative forum for communicating initiatives, programs, and issues;
  • Develop systems/programs/pathways between cluster schools to ease and enhance the transition process;
  • Create a shared community consciousness throughout PL schools;
  • Share ideas and resources among cluster schools.
Core Values
  • Excellence. Educational superiority attained through perseverance, hard work and dedication to learning.
  • Integrity. Education with a foundation of honesty, courage and respect.
  • Innovation. An educational program which uses creative problem solving, global thinking and exploration and risk taking to determine and implement change so that our students can be well prepared to actively participate and be contributing members of society.
  • Collaboration. Respecting and valuing input from all community members (students, parents and staff) and working together to create a superior educational program
  • Balance. Encouraging students to discover and then maintain a balance that includes physical, emotional and mental fitness
Our History
In 2006, a group of parents, teachers and principals from each school engaged in a strategic planning process to develop a unified vision for the Point Loma Cluster and formed the Point Loma Cluster Schools Foundation. The primary objective was to increase communication between and coordinate the efforts of the cluster schools, thus supporting the development of the cluster into an outstanding, cohesive K-12 environment for the children of Point Loma and San Diego. The Strategic Plan was adopted June 7, 2007.
The PLCSF received widespread support and participation not only at the local school level, but also from district staff, the two area superintendents, and the area Board of Education member. The grass roots effort of the PLCSF was the first of its kind within the school district and was seen as a design model for other clusters within the district. The PLCSF is a 501c3 California nonprofit public benefit corporation. 
As a result of the strategic plan, the PLCSF established the preceding purpose of the PLCSF.